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IStarTec investigate the importance of industrial design LED

 LED display are ahead of the times , the semiconductor into the general lighting field, once again sparked a wave of innovative design lighting products . LED 's small size, multi-color , adjustable , super performance, so lighting industrial design with a wide range of operating space, but also the traditional lighting of industrial design thinking presents a great challenge. Light Environment Institute executive director of the Central Academy of Architecture Mu Hongyi , said it 's LED industry in order to open the civilian market , multi- LED lamps is designed to be an alternative, namely a direct replacement for the existing lighting on this new LED light source should think in innovative ways to highlight the value, especially LED screen design, almost ignored.
LED sign is natural to consider the characteristics of industrial design led light, and in this respect there is a big difference with the traditional light sources.But some common ground must be complied with,the first is a very good product to be delivered cultural philosophy, which embraces a very rich story, or a philosophy. It is designed with top qualities.Only carries cultural design, s the most full -dimensional, the most moving play works.The second is to take into account the light in Europe, lighting design gurus when the light is beginning to start to see how the reflected light through the material. The Chinese design, but it is beginning to start modeling . Not to mention the light , shape, structure of the three to achieve reunification . And this is the biggest difference of lighting designers at home and abroad. Once again, consider the works of the conversion rate , ie the possibility of large-scale commercialization . Industrial designers should consider the needs of customers , can not be too self-centered, self-assertion designer designed the product , then the product produced in this process, never mind how consumers think , do not think consumers how to use, resulting in a lack of market acceptance of work issues .
For general industrial design problem of LED outdoor display, the same as the traditional lamp, must take into account materials, optical efficiency, safety and other issues, this has been a lot of writing. But there is a problem should be stressed that the concept of low-carbon widely publicized now, for the first time this year,China set up a low-carbon day,this is a test for lighting industrial design. Low-carbon energy not only save electricity , but also saves material material. For a long decorative lighting accessories material largely depends too much , it does not meet the requirements of low-carbon.Lighting is mainly used for lighting,and should not take up too much material and occupy too much space, one of the advantages is that the LED light source is compact,so LED lamps should not be done too large , this will give the already high degree of price the wide application of LED lighting increases the slow progress in the promotion of difficulty.Too much material,the volume is too large,is not conducive to the lamp into the overall aesthetic of the space environment is not conducive to a perfect light show, or even detrimental to the health and safety of users . Several advantages above the LED light source , LED lamps can also make a better environment for optimal space than traditional harmony with lamps, lighting is only part of the space environment,and is a small part of the night is all the lights,see the light may not be absolutely correct but not light, but do not let the light fixtures to grab the limelight, which is the industrial design process issues that should be considered.These also can be called eco-design,Guangdong Province, began to make eco-design standards last year, electrical and electronic products and promotional activities carried out , which is the industrial design activities must be followed. Now we are opposed to some of the excessive packaging of goods, LED lamps must change the past, some of the traditional lamp Fan Wu sophisticated style, with simple main, the same can be beautiful and delicate, the world's largest lighting manufacturer Philips slogan is simplicity , good at heart , this is worthy of study .
Innovation is the core of an enterprise can long-term development, and MIC will also bear this in mind,specializing in the production of independent innovation of our products: led sign, led outdoor sign, led display, led outdoor display, outdoor led display, led screen, led indoor screen, electronics billboard, led display billboard, LED spotlightLED bulb , LED tube, innovation, IStarTec----- innovative technologies to create a miracle . Innovation will lead the future development of the market , and the future that awaits us IStardisplay fight , we believe Dickens who will win opportunities.
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