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Chinese LED industry has affected the international standards towards

 LED development in China can be described as rapid, gone through in previous years of overheating (mania), has now entered the stage of intellectual development.

Development up to now, our enterprises should keep in mind to prevent the "homogenization" competition, the so-called "homogeneity" was without a core technology or manufacturing process, technical, marketing and other aspects of innovation, copying each other, eventually leading to product technology, similar to quality levels, but the spell prices, resulting in you low low prices I eventually leading to poor quality.

The army had a grueling form of will inevitably lead to the way many companies getting narrower, until it collapsed. Innovation is the soul of an enterprise, leading in some respects, enable enterprises out of trouble, even came to the fore.
Current development and application of LED needs to a great extent, influence the direction of international standards, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

First, the IEC60598,IEC61347 have sharply reduced Creepage distance electrical clearance requirements, additional insulation fell from 2U+1750 to 2U+1000; strengthen the requirements of insulation fell from 4U+2750 to 4U+2000, is to ensure a safe context due to the relaxation of requirements, insulation, such as distance from the edge may be appropriately reduced, there are conducive to higher thermal, luminous efficiency and improvement of lumen maintenance rate.
Second, small LED lights, wiring carefully, 2013 Conference on IP has made the lights "inside wire-free floor" resolutions, not subjected to mechanical forces when the internal conductors, current ≤ 20A/mm, continuous working temperature does not exceed 90 ° c meets the requirements.

Third, in respect of lightning induction requirements, requiring lightning arrester design as an independent device and can only be used in the Ied lamp, enclose instructions for use. The lightning surge voltages from 1 KV up to EU standards the best United States standard 3KV in order to adapt to severe weather.

Fourth, in addition to pursuing high luminous efficiency, and more user-friendly, improving lighting quality and automation in a more important position. Reflected in: GB50034 standard requires indoor (upscale lighting occasions, and Office, and reading room, and classroom,, explicit color index should ≥ 80, and R9 ≥ 0; according to lighting light color (including Blu-ray ingredients) on people of Chrono Visual of effects, (main is effects faded melanin of secretion), more to stressed basics, simulation natural light day of color temperature changes to adjustment lighting color temperature, so, appeared has adjustable light, tinting of various lamps.

Fifth, in terms of interior lighting and bio-security, more attention to guarantee high efficiency output flux of the premise, using similar techniques such as diffusion plate, reducing the surface brightness of lighting a light aperture, which not only led spot light product decline in levels of Biohazard, no hazard levels can be achieved, but also greatly reduce glare. New GB/T29294-2012 LED downlight performance standards also emphasize the diffusion plate requirements, has for specular reflection and corner protection, a number of technical terms relating to limit glare.

Sixth, LED street light technical specifications of diplomatic authority in Shanghai and Port Dickson Road, try to hang for an extended period of LED street lights, should say is the country's leading position in road lighting. In addition to brightness (rather than illumination) design, its environment and glare control requirements fully meet CJJ45 standards, and you have selected the appropriate color.

Seventh, a number of communication and control technology for LED lighting. LED lighting, which regulates the humanized lighting can extend its functionality and reflected, but also reduce the effort to find the problem, better able to realize maximum energy saving. DALI controls protocols and extend the DALI protocol based on DALI controls protocols in combination with control device with voice-activated photosensitive sensors, occupancy sensors, idle sensor, and sensor have been widely used in LED lighting control.

At the beginning of the development of LED lighting has proved those buzz is very large, fooling businesses despite the smash hit, but did not study domestic and foreign advanced technology and market, of course, there is no tradition, finally a Flash in the Pan or is struggling.

Situation of China's reform and the "privatization" of industrial policy, requires that we constantly research new technologies, clearly understand the new situation, layout in advance, with the help of Chinese and international energy-saving emission reduction policies, to ride, we will certainly be able to continually develop.
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