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120W new design led street light (module light)

120W new design led street light (module light)
  • 120W new design led street light (module light)
Product name : 120W new design led street light (module light)
Product No. : IS-T4BS-2-120W
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 It is a total new concept led street light, it is made by modules, it is very different from any street light you can get from China.
1. Our led road lamp will be base IP68 led module. The whole light is IP67, it is totally free from any of water-proof issue or damaged.
2. We use Philips-lumen leds. it is big brands.  you can use this lamp for any of projects and been easy to be accepted by customers.
3. It is cheap price with only 1.60USD/watt and 100lm/watt.
4. It will have 4 years guarantee. and you will free from all kind of road lamp problems. and totally save you maintain cost. 
We work on IP67 led module for years. We try to design a universe module which can widely used on the change of old road lamp easily. We are totally succeed and offer our clients a total different led road lamp solutions and business chance.

Model Power Module Quantity Light Efficiency Specification Details  
IS-T4BS-1-50W 50W 1 90 LM/W
Bat-wing Light Distribution

CRI: >80
PF Rate: >0.95
Working Temperature: -20℃~50℃
Input Volitage: AC85-265V/277V(50/60HZ )12V/24V
Color Temperature: Cool White: 6000-6500K      
Pure White: 4000-4500K Warm White: 2700-3500K
IS-T4BS -1-60W 60W 1 90 LM/W
IS-T4BS -2-80W 80W 2 90 LM/W
IS-T4BS -2-90W 90W 2 90 LM/W
IS-T4BS -2-100W 100W 2 90 LM/W
IS-T4BS -2-120W 120W 2 90 LM/W
IS-T4D-1-30W 300W 1 90 LM/W
IS-T4D-1-40W 160W 1 90 LM/W
IS-T4D-1-50W 180W 1 90 LM/W
IS-T4D-1-60W 200W 1 90 LM/W
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